Visitor Information

Visitors are always welcome at Il Castello Golf Club!

Please read below to find out more about accessing our facilities and membership opportunities


a) € 200,00 Ordinary Member or Frequent Visitor

b) € 175,00 Spouse of Member

c) € 150,00 Member (ages 18-25 years old)

d) € 100,00 Beginner

e) € 100,00 Non-Resident Member (outside Province of Perugia)

f) € 75,00 Members who join after 01/09/2019


FREE membership available to junior golfers 17 years old and under


Italian Golf Federation Card

All members must be registered with the Italian Golf Federation (FIG) and have the federal card which is mandatory for entering all affiliated golf courses in Italy. The costs are as follows:

1) Adult Golfers: 100,00

2) Junior Golfers: 20,00





a) May access all practice areas and structures of the facility.

b) May utilize the “COGES” access key that may be acquired from the club secretary by paying the deposit fee of €6,00 and allows the purchase of twenty range balls at the reduced member rate of €1,00.

c) May utilize the access key for the purchase of beverages and/or snacks from the vending area as well as reloading credit with coins and/or banknotes.


a) Are prohibited from entering the short game practice area.

b) May practice from the hitting bays and/or the grounds indicated within the ropes on the driving range. Range balls may be purchased from the vending area at the guest rate of €2,00 for twenty range balls.


The “COGES” access key holders that do not intend to renew membership for the current year are kindly asked to return the key to the club secretary as soon as possible. Eventual remaining credit will be returned to the holder with the deposit fee.

For any questions or to book an appointment for the restitution of the access key, please contact the club secretary Mr. Andrea Luchetti at the following number: (+39) 347.8621582.